The Homemade Signs In The Crowd, Often Carried By Players' Younger Siblings.

Senior Night not just the domain of high school basketball The photo collage for each Staten island home renovations of the graduating players adorning the walls. The pregame distribution of roses from the players to their mothers, and the posing for pictures at mid-court with both their parents. The homemade signs in the crowd, often carried by players' younger siblings. These are just some of the staples usually spotted on Senior Night, a ceremony reserved for the last regular-season home game for players before they advance to the next level. But we're not talking only about high school basketball. FOR A PHOTO GALLERY OF SATURDAY'S EARLIER ACTION AT BSS, CLICK HERE No, those same festivities are conducted by grammar school programs -- like the occasion Saturday night at Blessed Sacrament to honor the West Brighton school's four varsity teams. "I'm sure that if you walk into any other Staten Island parish on their Senior Night, you'll see something comparable," said BSS basketball director Amy Rikic. It's probably true, and it's one of the reasons why Staten Island, despite its seemingly swelling population, still has pockets of that "small town" charm. Rikic was one of about 10 BSS members who invested 15 hours on Saturday, opening the gym for a weekly two-hour basketball clinic for pre-K through second graders that the seventh-grade players help coach, beginning at 8 a.m. That clinic runs from November through February. CYO hoop action all day at Blessed Sacrament By the time the first varsity game rolled around -- Home improvement Staten Island a win at the buzzer by the home team in the girls' B/C division over St.

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